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Content Marketing

A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers.

App Development

For those on the application delivery front lines, it clears backlogs and improves relationships with business stakeholders.

SEO Optimization

Get more website traffic, more customers, and more online visibility with powerful SEO services.

Web Development

Web development process includes web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks.

PPC Advertising

PPC is a model used to drive traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a search engine, website owner, or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked.

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Kingstar is a values-driven Web Developer & SEO agency dedicated to empowering our customers.

Over the years, we have worked with Fortune 300 and brand-new startups. We help ambitious businesses like yours generate more profits by building awareness, driving web traffic, connecting with customers, and growing overall sales.
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What Content Marketing is?

Digital media is fascinating and powerful because it’s super person-orientated, yet also data driven – you get to engage with how people think and also see how and what they do.

This module is about creating content that speaks to people, but also about sending it out into the big wide digital world at the right time and via the right channels. Best of all, you get the superpower ability to see what works.

What Media Marketing means?

It’s not just social media marketing, it’s a big warm pleasurable social media experience for your audience. Your brand needs to ring loud and clear through all the right platforms and we’re going to show you how.

Learn how to grow and engage a community around your offering. Give these people more to care about. Reach further with paid marketing and get deeper insights.

What Email Marketing is?

An email is post sent to your virtual home address so it’s important - but needs to be done properly to make sure that email gets opened and starts your target on a click-through journey of discovery.

Also it can all be automated for max efficiency and let’s not forget the all-important regulatory stuff.

What SEO Optimization is?

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting on that first Google page, staying top of the list and top of mind.

Learn the tricks of the trade such as keywords, what kind of content attracts, how to create more engagement and the magical art of conversion. There is so much to ‘like’.

What Web Development is?

This module gives you the skills to create a simple, well-designed, optimised WordPress site that not only looks good but also delivers for your business – goals and solutions stay lined up, nice and clear.

Also, let’s get user-centric with best practice UX and go deep with data; activity tracking means insight - and insight is power.

What PCC Advertising is?

Pay-Per Click campaigns through Search Engine, bid auctions, how to squeeze every drop of value out of paid search campaigns, the tracking of successful conversions, Google Analytics and more – this is turbo-charged marketing practice with pinpoint precision.

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Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 2.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 5 Free Optimization
  • 3 Press Releases
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Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 3.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • 5 Press Releases
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Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 5.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 15 Free Optimization
  • 10 Press Releases
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